The Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

The human body’s DNA is very similar to that of fruits and vegetables. Did you know that we are 50% the same DNA as a banana for example?

I know, who would have thought it.

The fact that our DNA is so similar is self explanatory as to why we thrive on the good stuff and so many people are flocking towards a Vegetarian/ Vegan diet.

In recent years the Government have started to publish how we need to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in to our day to day lives, more than we have ever had before.

The NHS here in the UK recommends 7 portions of fruits and vegetables per days, increasing from 5 and the World Health Organisation recommends 9-13 portions a day!! I hear you groan, that is a LOT of fruits and veggies, I know.

So how can we get these in to us easily and conveniently?

There are many options to increasing your intake each day:

Smoothies: – There are so many smoothies available these days, in supermarkets, cafes, etc. If you are heading down the smoothie route, make sure you have both fruits and veggies included. Check out my page for lots of smoothie ideas.

Juices: – Again, you can get a decent amount of fruits and veggies in to a juice. Make sure you keep all of the pulp from the juicer as that’s where the good stuff resides. Check out my page for Juicing ideas.

Supplements: – There are so many supplements on the Market these days, it’s difficult to know what works. I opt for a whole food supplement in my diet. This means it’s literally food in a capsule. You can check out my page for more details.

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