How has it been a week? Glastonbury, you were amazing!

A week ago today at around 10am I set off from my home town of Bournemouth headed in the direction of the beach to connect, ground and meditate in readiness for the first EVER Self Love Club Retreat that was kicking off that evening (14th November 2019) in the Heart Chakra of the World, Glastonbury.

15 Months earlier, right after Self Love Club officially received its name, I booked this retreat. I had a knowing in my body, like nothing I had previously experienced that this was what the World needed and it had to be at Glastonbury. I had not actually run the first Self Love Club Hang (evening seminar) by this point. The launch event was in the diary for 29th October 2018, however the life I have lived over the recent years had encouraged trusting my intuition like nothing I had ever trusted in my life. I just knew it had to be booked, so I booked it with no plan other than it was going to happen.

The Months flew past. In that time, we achieved two, yep two Global Tours across America, UK, Australia and Dubai. There were oodles of distractions, including my own near death experience. There were so many reasons to pull out, however when you know… you truly know.

So last Thursday when I was barefoot on the beach in 2 degrees winter sunshine, I gave thanks for all that had passed since booking and set some clear intentions for the weekend ahead, including dry weather (it was forecast rain all weekend) for a special first evening with the ladies who had signed up.

As the Ladies started to arrive through the evening, signs, messages, guidance was flying through that this was just the beginning of something incredible. Something that for years to come would be a platform for many Men, Women and Children around the World to re-connect to their special heart space and onwards to their divine purpose. It was clear, this was my soul mission.

After a very enlightening first evening, with dry weather I hasten to add J, the weekend continued in glorious fashion. Incredible breakthroughs, epiphanies and community building as we all let our guards down and stepped in to our vulnerable heart space, feeling a true connection between everyone in the room as if our previous sisterhood was reconnecting in this lifetime to finish what we had started once before.

As I look back at last weekend, for the first time in my life, I am overloaded with gratitude, albeit speechless to what was achieved. Thank you to all involved x

If you are keen to join us at the 3 day Seminar or Global Retreat in 2020, please drop a message or sign up to our mailing list at:

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