Online Courses

Activ8U have a suite of online courses that are currently under development to assist your mission to thrive. 


Our online courses can be accessed from any where in the World, at any time, therefore offering the perfect solution to learn and grow at your own speed, in the comfort of your home, with your family around you.

These convenient courses are for those who cannot afford the time or money to invest in 1:1 coaching sessions at present, however are keen to connect with specific subjects of interest.


This online course will guide you through our seven step process that will empower you to make the decisions that are right for you each day PLUS be comfortable delivering the message.  A few of the areas we will cover are:

  • Self Love Selfish / Essential?

  • Nourishing your body

  • Consistency



Throughout this course, we will explore how important the use of our language is on a day to day basis.

We will look in to the principals of what we say we attract, how we can utilise that and simple tweaks in language that will have huge impact on your results.


In 2018 Lucy ran a 14 day challenge on Facebook called "14 Days to Plant Based Badass".  The challenge was so successful, we have decided to re-work it as an online course for your convenience.  This course is perfect for you if you are interested to know how you can have a balanced diet with plants, where your sources of nutrients will come from and what to replace meat/ fish with for protein.

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