Self-Love Club

In a super busy World, where we are convinced that loving ourselves is a selfish act, we at Activ8U are here to tell you it is far from that.  It is important.  It is essential.


What if by loving yourself, your family loved themselves a little more?

What if by loving yourself, you started to thrive so much that your Children do too?

The name "Self Love Club" fed through to Lucy in July 2018 whilst in Sydney staying with a friend.  Her journey had been inspiring thousands around the World and she knew she had to share this vital part of the journey, but was "stuck" on a name.  At the time Self Love Club was already doing the rounds in the form of tattoos, mugs, quotes etc, however what was lacking was the guidance of the "how".  She was informed very clearly that Self Love Club had to be the name, so she proceeded.

Self Love Club Hangs:


The Self Love Club Hangs were launched on 29th October 2018 in London, UK.


In these evening seminars lasting 3 hours, Lucy takes you on her personal journey of how she identified Seven key Steps to Self Love.  She shares the details of each step and leaves you with tools to implement through your day to day life, whatever that looks like to you.


Self Love Club Retreats:


“Re-treat” The act of moving back or withdrawing.


Imagine being somewhere you were actively encouraged

to step in to a space of ultimate love for you.  Not your

family, partner, children or pets… You.  Imagine having

enough room to breathe and feel in to being your truly

authentic self, with no judgement from anyone around you. 


Feels good huh?


Then picture the journey of unlocking what has been holding you back, those stories we all carry, that limit our progression on a day to day basis.  Imagine going back to your loved ones, having unlocked the potential you house within you and being ready to step through it, linking arms with them.


If this speaks to your soul, Self Love Club Retreat is the perfect place for you to be hanging out. 


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