1:1 Coaching Programs 


A key tool we utilise through the 1:1 Coaching is the ancient technique of Iridology and Sclerology.  Iridology is simply explained as diagnosis by examination of the iris, Sclerology is the examination of the whites of the eyes


Using a special camera adapted to sit over the eye for this non-invasive procedure, we will take a series of photos.  The images of the Iris will show you the history of your health over the last 7+ years. The images of the scleras will demonstrate the last 18 months of your lifestyle and potentially future health complaints. 

During each of our packages, we will review the images together and identify key areas of focus depending on your priority of the health check.  We will agree next steps for you to action off the back of the session, then the follow up and after care will depend on the program you choose.



This program will include:

  • In person 3 hour iridology and sclerology consultation 

  • Detailed lifestyle plan for two areas of health

  • 30 days support

  • 2 x 30 minute accountability calls within the 30 days

The price for this program is:  £997


This program will include:

  • In person 3 hour iridology and sclerology consultation

  • Detailed lifestyle plan for all identified areas

  • Supplementation to support the identified areas

  • 4 months support

  • 8 x 30 minute accountability calls within the 4 months

The price of this program is:  £2,997