1.  The Circle of Life


The attached diagram shows the 12 key areas that we believe make up overall health.  If one or more of these areas are out of balance, it can have quite an impact on your health.

A great exercise you can do is print off this diagram and place a dot on the line to the right of the header as to where you feel you are currently with that topic.  The middle is low and the outer circle is higher value.  It will help you identify where you may need focus or help you identify why you may not be hitting your goals.


Good luck!


2. There is such a minefield of information out there on what is best for your body with Fruits and Vegetables.  We have produced a guide to help you, if you are on a budget what you should buy organic.


3.  The body is 85% water.  We encourage you to drink a minimum of 3l of water per day.  

If you struggle to get water in to you, or your children, try some of our suggestions as to what you can add to your water to help achieve this daily minimum.


4.  In this day and age, we are all so busy being busy, we forget that every now and again it’s good to review what we have on our plate and to make a decision if it is congruent to our values.  We use the below exercise to help identify what’s a priority from time to time.