Can your environment REALLY affect your life?

Have you ever considered the impact your environment is having on your life?

Whether it be your messy front room at home, the organised mess on your desk, or the wardrobe where everything gets stuffed when people come round… and then when you next open the door it falls on you. Yep, newsflash! All of these things could be significantly impacting your life.

I am writing this blog post on 9th March 2020 and this evening is full moon. The reason for my share on this, a clear message has been flowing from source, leading up to this particular full moon and throughout today which is the importance of “decluttering” or “cleansing”.

There are a number of areas of our life where we should be having a regular overhaul and our homes and workplaces are two, where we spend most of our life, therefore need to give most of the attention to. We spend at least a third at work and another third sleeping, so if your desk/ office space/ bedroom is cluttered then you are likely to be cluttered… even if you may not know/ admit it.

A few years ago when I was still working on the trading floor in London, I would get home from work go to get changed, sit on my bed and get drawn in to Social Media. The next thing I would know, an hour or so would have passed. I would panic to get changed, throw my stuff on the floor, go to prepare dinner and create some magic through what was then my “side hustle” and is now my full time business. Please note, I was never a messy person, however this was a behaviour that would happen every evening, without fail, like a little programme, controlling me.

I remember the day it shifted significantly. It hit me like a tonne of bricks how many hours I was losing to my head being stuck in the phone (predominantly Social Media), when I was supposed to be creating momentum for this mission I knew the World was so desperate for. It was the catalyst required to have an overhaul.

I took a few steps that I will share to below if you have found yourself in a similar/ the same position:

· Firstly, I got super REAL with myself. Acknowledging that this was a behaviour pattern that needed to change

· Secondly, I looked at my diary and the next available weekend I had free, I blocked it out

· The next thing I did was go and buy some strong black bags

· Then I made a decision in which room I would start. Some people love to start in the garage, then move other things in that direction on the way out of the door. I decided to start in my bedroom. Intuitively I knew this space was a beautiful creative space. I most days wake up extremely inspired

· I agreed the categories for all of my “stuff”. 1. Bin 2. Charity 3. Keep (this applied to every single item in EVERY room of my house

When that weekend arrived, trust me it was the last thing I felt like doing. I on so many occasions almost booked things in because I was “free”, however, I stuck to the plan and went to work! I cranked the tunes up, opened the windows to allow the energy to flow and created such huge momentum literally by freeing all of the old memories, programmes, etc that I had unknowingly been immersed in.

It was the catalyst for change in my mindset, body, career, relationships, you name it.. It was impacted.

I then repeated this exact same process with my desk at work….

If you are ready for change… Start by decluttering.

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