Happy Birthday Self Love Club!

Absolutely bursting with joy this morning!

Just one year ago today Self Love Club launched its first “Evening Hangout” in London. Can you believe it has only been a year since we launched! I remember it all as if it was yesterday!

In June/ July 2018 whilst on the road in Asia and Australia, my journey of burn out in the Corporate Industry, riddled with sickness and disease, to returning to Corporate and thriving kept running through my mind. I had known for some Months I had to share the journey, however I had no idea what to call it. The steps identified were there, however why create something new when I already had two brands, Activ8U and The Rebel Movement.

In August 2018, like a bolt out of the blue, Self Love Club fed through and would not budge, no matter how much I attempted to ignore it #helloego

I remember Googling Self Love Club and merchandise such as mugs, tattoos, notepads, t-shirts appeared. It was certainly not a brand I wanted to use, it was already out there… however every which way I turned, it was thrust back in my vision, so in August 2018, the brand was set up with one mission, to create awareness to the human mind quite what was possible.

During a significant personal healing journey in early October 2018, through meditation and connection, I was shown this was absolutely the right name, time and place for this brand to evolve resulting in the content changing literally 5 days before we launched!

What a whirlwind year it has been!

Two tours in Australia and the UK, plus one each in Dubai and America has seen this brand catapult the Global stage and feel the best is by far yet to come. With the next three years planning under our belt and new branding about to be launched, we are so super excited to see where we are by the time we are 2, in 2020!

To celebrate being One, we are running a competition for freebies on Facebook. Head over to the following page for the chance to win some Self Love Club goodies:

Happy 1st Birthday Self Love Club! x

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