Who needs Self Love?

Over the last few weeks here in Vietnam I have spoken with hundreds of people. From fellow travellers, to business men, monks and even the locals when I have been assisting them with their English, who have got excited at the thought of Self Love Club.

A nun when I was in the monastery said to me "Lucy, we need to share this message much further and wider. The World needs this. What can we do to help...?". Being in there in the first place was profound enough, so for this beautiful offer of help was just awe-inspiring and ignited the fire within me, even greater than ever before. Global awareness, from countries that do not speak English believing in this mission. All I knew when I set it up was that everyone deserved to feel how I was.

The term "Self Love" most definitely speaks a Global language, so why are so many of us avoiding it? Why when I speak to Men do they say, that's just for girls. Why do so many feel embarrassed to put themselves first or even just say "No" without explanation?

Self Love Club was established as a platform to help YOU fall in love with YOU. To offer guidance through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey of unlocking what's been holding you back, recurring cycles you may be going through, ill health, toxic relationships, in fact the principals can be applied to anything in your life.

We are about to kick off the second tour of 2019, will you be investing in your future and attending one of the events?

Through September, October and November we will be in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Peterborough, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and Bournemouth for the Adults and Surrey,UK for the Kids Club.

To secure your spot now, head straight over to

We are so excited to see you there.

Lucy x

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