Living Intuitively

At the end of September 2017, I left my role at UBS Investment Bank after nearly two years. I had promised myself a maximum of two years after I returned from travelling and I just about made it. I’ll be honest with you, it was a bit of a risk. My business Activ8U Ltd that I had started in September 2015 was doing OK, but there was always room for improvement, especially when you were used to earning that kind of money. However, I just knew… You know that feeling you get when you know it’s going to be scary, but it’s going to work out, with a bit of elbow grease… well that’s what happened. For the second time in a few years, I whole heartedly trusted my intuition.

And that was the start of something very special.

In December 2017, I went on one of the most profound experiences of my life. I booked a seminar in America in early December and trusted I needed to be away for a total of two months, I was set to explore Florida, Cuba and Guatemala.

That journey went on to change my life.

Since then I have lived every single day using my intuition. Even the days when nothing seems to make sense, based on that journey I have surrendered to be guided, always.

It’s been such an incredible enlightening, some what liberating experience. Not one that everyone understands, even myself sometimes, however I know I have to trust and it will all work out as it is supposed to.

If you would like to hear the full in detail experience, hop over to my YouTube channel using the below link:

Can you pop this on over the next day or two…. I”m going to write some more posts too when i’m feeling inspired just do some short stories :)

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