Self-Love Club

In a super busy World, where we are convinced that loving ourselves is a selfish act, we at Activ8U are here to tell you it is far from that.  It is important.  It is essential.





During these seminars, Lucy will take you on her personal journey of how she has identified seven steps of Self-Love. 

How she has stepped through them, to now honouring herself and living her life congruent to her values on a day to day basis whilst impacting the lives of hundreds with her abundance of love.


We have a variety of seminars to choose from that run from a couple of hours of an evening to 3 days immersion training.  


We can’t wait to see you at one of our Self-Love Club hangouts soon.


What if by loving yourself, your family loved

themselves a little more?

What if by loving yourself, you started to thrive so much that your Children do too?