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Organic Cacao Powder

High in calcium which contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones
Terrafertil's organic cacao powder is a healthy alternative to conventional, over-processed chocolate powder
Terrafertil Organic Cacao Powder is Extra Special
Each 100g of Organic Cacao Powder provides:
1,438mg of Calcium - more than milk!
18.1g of Fibre - more than oats or prunes!
536mg of Magnesium - more than almonds!
2, 223mg of Potassium - 6x more than bananas!
46.3mg of Iron - 6x more than spinach!
We keep it as close as possible to it's natural state of hanging off the tree.
Our result? A pure tasting product packed with nutrients!
Kick start your morning with Terrafertil Organic Cacao Powder on your cereal, smoothies, cereals, porridge, pancakes to create healthy chocolate treats...You can also combine it with our new Andean Chia Seeds