Iridology and Sclerology


In October 2018 the founder of Activ8U Ltd was awarded a scholarship to learn the ancient methods of Iridology and Sclerology in Bali, Indonesia under the care of Tyler Tolman. 


Iridology is simply explained as diagnosis by examination of the iris, Sclerology is the examination of the whites of the eyes


Using a special camera adapted to sit over the eye for this non-invasive procedure, we will firstly take photos of the iris.  The Iris will show you the history of your health over the last 7 years.  We will then take a series of photos of your scleras.  The scleras will demonstrate the previous 18 months of your lifestyle and potentially future health complaints. 


We will review the images together and identify key areas of focus depending on your priority of the health check.  We will agree next steps that you can walk away with from the session, ready to action immediately.

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