About Lucy


For years I was plagued with recurring sickness, digestive and hormone issues.  I had frequent visits to the hospital, weekly visits to the doctors and was taking daily medication.

I had been working as a Project Manager in the Investment Banking Industry for 13 years at that time and had become used to being surrounded by people who were always sick, tired, uninspired and settling.

In May 2014, I suffered with what I now know to be burn out.  My body finally said enough is enough and gave up.  I was in a position where I felt my only option was quitting.  People thought I was mad!  On paper, I had everything.  However, the reality was without health, I had nothing.

I now get to look back on my burnout as a blessing.  It provided the opportunity to force rest, which at the time was the last thing I wanted.  That forced rest made me investigate why my body had not been working effectively since 22 years of age.  It was through this reflection I realised how incredible the human body was and how badly most of us treat ourselves.. without even knowing.  This new found love for myself is what helped me carve out this brand.

Today, I travel the World coaching Men and Women how to fall in love with themselves and awakening them to their true potential through 1:1, Group Coaching, Retreats and Seminars.

My wish for you is to truly fall in love with you and experience the life of your wildest dreams.  Lucy x




The aim of our coaching programs are to have fun unlocking your true potential by aligning your body to optimum health.   It is our mission to assist you to wake up excited for your future feeling energised based on the lifestyle plan we agree together.  


The aim of our events are to offer you a platform to tap in to your true potential in a group setting.  

What ever the story you are playing in the background (likely unaware) we will guide you through and assist you on your journey to ultimate Self Love.


Through the second half of 2019, Activ8U will be offering a variety of online courses that you can purchase to work through at your own pace, with no pressure of deadlines

We have a number of topics that will be available for a lifetime.