The World is ready for U

137 million

working days lost due to
sickness in 2016

34 million

working days lost to
immune system issues

30.8 million

working days lost due to
back, neck & limb pains

15.8 million

days lost due to stress,
depression & anxiety



Following burn out in the Corporate World in 2014, I learnt the hard way how important our health is.  It’s amazing how little time we find for ourselves until we have to.  My aim is to show you how to implement simple changes in your daily lifestyle so you never have to experience what I went through and can stay active, healthy and happy.




If you have ever felt you need longer than a 10 minute doctors’ appointment to really get on top of your health, our 1:1 coaching would be perfect for you.

The initial 60 minute exploration on your health with a trained coach will go through your health to date and each 45 minute session going forward will identify goals and small steps to successfully achieve them.


Our group coaching sessions are for those who have one specific area of focus, or those who thrive in a group environment rather than individual.

We explore common areas of focus such as Energy, Immune System, Sleep, Hormones, Stress.  We will coach the group through simple tweaks to boost and thrive in each of these areas.


Your staff are your most important asset. Having them thrive in and out of the office will reflect on the work they do for you.

We offer packages to suit any business from individual coaching, group coaching, retreats, seminars, webinars, plus our new portal offering affordable online coaching.

How we can help you

Activ8U use customised coaching techniques to allow our clients to take back control of their health by seeking the root cause of imbalances in the body.


Are you waking up tired and desperate to start jumping out of bed in the morning feeling totally rested?


Do you panic when the first person in your office sneezes or coughs, knowing it’s “just a matter of time” before you get it?


Do you have regular headaches or find it difficult to fall asleep?  Taking on way too much and need to learn new techniques how to manage with work, life and general stress?


Do you suffer when you eat certain foods?  Or have you been diagnosed with IBS?


Have you tried every diet on the face of the Earth and still find it hard to shift the weight?


Are you embarrassed of those monthly spots on your chin?  Or your desire to eat your weight in sugar at “that time of the month”?


Do you have psoriasis, eczema or recurring acne?


Are you edging towards a more plant-based lifestyle and need tips, recipes or general assistance?


Are you tired of being tired?  Sick of being sick and ready for the ultimate transformation?