About Us

Activ8U Limited was established in September 2015 with one aim in mind, to raise awareness of how many people in the World are settling for feeling anything less than amazing on a day to day basis.

After years of feeling well below average, a series of events led the founder Lucy Davis, to take a prolonged sabbatical and travel, to get back in touch with how she honestly believed she was supposed to feel.

The good news is, she found it and Activ8U is the platform in which she is sharing this with the World.

Activ8U is rapidly becoming a well-known name in the Corporate World as Lucy spreads the message of how simple lifestyle tweaks can totally transform your life.

Lucy’s drive and determination to raise awareness of these principals does not stop in the workplace or with individuals, she is engaging with the UK Government to implement these principals in to the Healthcare system today as it is in America and Australia.

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients to identify what works best for their individual health, instead of prescribing a “one size fits all” approach.  Health Coaches create individual tailored wellness programs to meet their clients’ goals.  They take a person from where they are, to where they want to be.

Why work with a Health Coach?

Health Coaches review many areas of their clients’ lives to understand what changes need to be made for full health.  Unlike a dietician and nutritionist who look to optimism food for health, a Health Coach works off of many principals to get to the root cause.  Some areas Health Coaches focus on are below:

  • Exercise
  • Fitness
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Relationships

As Health Coaches, we understand a symptom such as a rash on the skin or a headache could stem from a multitude of places. It is our responsibility to work with you to identify the root cause and resolve these areas with simple lifestyle adaptations.


I never really understood the damage antibiotics did to the human body, until I had to reset myself after years of using them as treatment.

I was a normal child health wise, allergic to milk as a baby, but other than that I was relatively well.

At around 21, I started getting sick all of the time.  Colds, flus, tonsillitis, chest infections, bronchitis, any of the bugs that were flying round at any time of the year I would pick up.  I would go to the doctor and walk away with a prescription of some sort, take them for a week/ ten days and be fixed, until the next time, as we all do, right?

In my early 20’s I started experiencing severe digestive issues.  I would lay down in bed and feel like a hot poker was burning through my chest of an evening, to the point I had to start sleeping upright.

I would eat certain foods and immediately be bloated, I would look like I was three months pregnant in 5 minutes flat and it would hurt how solid I felt.  I was informed the pains, bloating, constipation were IBS and nothing could be done to treat this, it was just one of those things.  The doctor prescribed me Nexium/ Emeperozole, to neutrealise my stomach acid which worked for a short time.

Eventually, due to working for an Investment Bank and having Private Healthcare,  I was referred to a Gastric Specialist who carried out an endoscopy and it was identified I had Helicobacter Pylori.  H. Pylori, as it is well known, is quite a common bacterium, that feeds off of your stomach acid.  A lot of people do not have issues with it and probably don’t know it’s there, however it can be quite destructive to those who do.  To kill the bacteria I was given a cocktail of antibiotics.  A large percentage of people that know they have this bacteria manage to rid it in one round of this cocktail.  My bacteria seemed pretty comfortable though and it took three rounds to rid them!

It was also around this time I also started experiencing issues with my hormones and periods.  Heavy bleeding, acne around the chin, lack in energy.  Again, after investigation I was diagnosed with fibroids.  My first of three resections were carried out that same year.

All of this happened between 21 and 24 and continued until I was 36 years of age. The doctors would send me away with a new pill or when they asked me where I worked, they would give me that knowing nod and tell me stress really is bad for the body.

At 35, I decided enough was enough. I trusted my intuition. I was not prepared to settle for being sick and tired all of the time any longer.  I took some time out from the Corporate environment and started educating myself on food.  I mean, I just assumed my doctor would help me if that needed changing… wrong!

Doctors are absolutely amazing at what they do.  You go with a problem and they fix it using medicine, that’s what they are trained to do.  However, what I very quickly identified was that not everyone needed medicine, most needed education on lifestyle.

And that is why Activ8U was born!

Using simple lifestyle tweaks, I am ecstatic to say, I have healed myself over the last two years, whilst working back at an Investment Bank with all of the normal stresses and strains that go along with the Corporate World.

Now it is time to educate that we really do not need to settle any longer!

Activ8U offer one to one and group coaching, seminars, webinars, workshops, retreats, plus a variety of online services that can be used to suit your needs/ budget right at the tips of your fingers.